IPX-900 The lucky student was brought into life by his tutor

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Yuta doesn't want to go to school, he always stays in his room alone, not communicating with anyone. His father knew his son's personality so he didn't force him, he just wanted him not to neglect studying. That's why he invited Momo to be Yuta's tutor. The first time he met Momo, he was impressed by her cute, beautiful face and seductive body. Yuta didn't dare look directly into Momo's eyes, but instead kept his eyes glued to her plump, hot chest. And from then on, Momo always appeared in Yuta's mind, he couldn't stop thinking about her. The next day, because he forgot that Momo was coming to teach today, Yuta was still masturbating while thinking about her. Suddenly Momo opened the door and saw everything. Knowing that her student was in puberty and could not concentrate on studying, Momo immediately thought of a way to... satisfy his desire! She knew Yuta really liked her breasts, so she let him squeeze and suck her breasts freely. Momo also used her hands to help him ejaculate. The next day, Yuta proactively finished his lesson early so he could "study" another "subject" with Momo. Touched by Yuta's efforts, Momo decided to "teach" him about the female body, as well as "sex". And since then, Yuta has made clear progress, his grades are getting better, he is more confident, and happier. And some time later, Yuta decided to return to school, and his father felt extremely happy and grateful to Momo. He still maintains a relationship with her, and their relationship is no longer simply that of tutor and student...

IPX-900 The lucky student was brought into life by his tutor
 Movie Code: IPX-900 
 Actor: Momo Sakura